42nd Precinct Security CCTV

We offer CCTV installations, off-site monitoring, repairs and new installations.
cctv camera installation

Off-site Monitoring

  • Off site monitoring is a new feature in our control room and is well supported by our suppliers.
  • We have vast experience in new installations
  • We do repairs if required to damaged CCTV systems.
  • We offer service warranties on all our workmanship.
  • CCTV streaming using ADSL,
  • GSM (cellular transmissions) messaging is also the latest technology in our stable.
  • This monitoring is done at our 24-hour secured and manned control room.


    42nd Precinct Offers maintenance contracts to clients who wish to keep their electronic devices checked and operational. Technicians do a weekly check on electric fences and energizers and repair. If required they will visit two or three times as week at no additional cost.

    We add in gate motors, access control, intercoms and CCTV. We will reprogramme remotes or supply new remotes if required. This is a cost effective and economical solution for business and complexes that cannot afford huge labour costs. This is a saving to our clients who have choose this option in return for a maintenance contract.