Armed Response & Reaction

Our armed response services are available in the greater Johannesburg area, as well as Midrand and Pretoria.
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Standard Services

  • 24 hour trained Security Officers (dayshift and / or nightshift) on a permanent or temporary basis, Uniformed or plain clothed Officers, Residential, Commercial or Industrial Guards, 24 hour immediate response and back-up to Guard panic signal, Regular supervisory visits by operational management, Constant liaison with Client by management, On-site risk assessment to assist Security Officer in performing duties most effectively.
  • Regular and thorough on-site evaluation of Officer/s to ensure high standards of performance.
  • Assistance and advice with regard to additional security measures where applicable.
  • Comprehensive and thorough follow-up by management of any incidents or queries.
  • (Standard issue) Guard Monitoring Device including Panic Button to enable continual monitoring of Security Officer via Radio Transmitter linked to 24 hour Control Centre also available.
  • Various other Services available on request.
    Value Added Service
    42nd Precinct Security prides itself on its ability to be flexible, client focused and service oriented. Our focus is supplying diligent guards who focus on the task at hand. The following value adding services are on your site.
    Armed Response
  • The Security Officer has access to a Panic Unit linked via Radio Transmitter to our Control Centre.
  • The ...
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    Business Offering

    Armed Response and monitoring of Alarm systems is included in our business offering. We have an equipped control room with the latest in technology to enable us to receive a multitude of alarm signals from client alarms.

    These options will include but not limited to:
    • Alarm
    • Panic
    • Medical Emergency
    • Dress code
    • AC Loss
    • AC Restore
    • Low Battery
    • Openings
    • Closings

    • We are able to transmit any, or all, alarm signals to relevant clients, via SMS. This affords our clients early notification on alarm signals transmitted by their own alarms. The same sms that is sent to a client will also be sent to the Armed Response vehicle. This would entail that the vehicle would also know about the activation before he is even contacted by the control room. All vehicles will be equipped with satellite tracking and a GPS. All clients will be pre-loaded on the GPS to ensure a quick as possible response time. With GPRS technology we can further provide any potential or existing customer to monitor and control his own alarm system, even when you are not on the premises. Our control room is further equipped with back-up power in terms of UPS's and a back-up generator.